Is there a way to get around double lined font in Lightburn

I want my Comic Sans MS in Lightburn to look like this:
b font question

Instead of this:
c font question

Can it be done?

Won’t putting it on a Fill or Fill/Line layer do what you want?

If your display settings are not set to fill, you’ll get what you’ve posted. Check also the preview feature for a confirmation. If your layer is not set to fill, change that aspect.

If you want to actually view the fills in the edit window, you can do so by going to Window > Filled/Smooth rendering, or just ‘Toggle Wireframe / Filled’:


In general, we recommend using LightBurn in wireframe outline mode and using the preview to check the output, as that’s the most reliable way to see what it’ll actually look like on the laser.

Perfect, thanks sooooo much!