Is there a way to laser a specific area of the work space in Lightburn?

Im fairly new to lightburn and running a Orthur 400x300. Im using reclaimed wood for my signage. Im having issues with the wood charing and burning in some areas significantly more than other areas. Im thinking the reason for this is because of contaminates that have soaked into the wood like oils and fuels since im using pallet wood. Its definitly not because of density of the grains. Its that far off…
So the question is is there a way to select a section or area of my work space and have the laser just go over that one specific area without having to do the entire work area over again? Because if i can just laser over the effected area with a lighter beam and blend it in that would save a TON of hours and time on fixing a piece. A typical cross hatched burn for my type of work is about a hour long. Thanks! Love the program!

There isn’t a way to do what you’re asking, at least, not easily. If your design is vector shapes, you could draw a border around the area to engrave and use ‘Boolean Intersection’ to keep only the part of your design that covers that area. If your design is an image, there is no way to do this at the moment.

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Ill try that and see how it works. thank you!

I have a technique for doing this on my Ruida controlled machine, but I cannot say if this will also work the same with a GRBL controller.

Draw a square around your project. Set this to a layer of its own. Set this layer to NOT Output:

Now imagine these red circles represent your project:

If you are the type who like to place your laser head at the starting point of the job:

When you’re ready to run the project for the first time, select all of your vectors (including the framed square) and choose Cut Selected Graphics ; Use Selection Origin; Start From Current Position.

Now if you need to re-cut or re-scan a vector after the initial run, you can individually choose those vectors and that frame and restart the job. The disabled output object is keeping everything in position within the work area:

If you are the type who prefers Start From Absolute Coordinates then all you really need to do is leverage cut selected graphics.

Adding to what Oz mentioned, this is where the frame concept and starting from current position may really help. Let’s say you need to rerun part of a really complex design. The non-output frame will provide you the freedom to select all; copy; paste a duplicate of this project off to the side for hacking it up for the reworked area. I will Illustrate:

Here is a very complex engraving job all on one layer that I have put in that frame:

I am so excited as I select everything (including the frame), see the preview, and know it is going to be fantastic:

Uh oh, after I run the job I notice the area in the upper left needs to be redone. So let me copy paste everything, and then start working on that copy (note the green origin indicator on the copy is still anchored to my frame on the selected new copy):

Now I will get to work using the idea from Oz. I’ll draw a circle the size of the area I want to redo:

Then the Boolean:

That will leave me with this:

Now, in the same manner I described above: select the vector to engrave and the frame, send job!


Wow! Little intimidating but I see the logic behind it. Ill definitly have to try that out and see what happens. Thank you!

Hi Jeff,
Again a very fine and clear explanation and a solution to a problem. Thank you!


Great explanation , it’s above my pay grade so I’m retreating back into the forest :deciduous_tree: :deciduous_tree: :deciduous_tree: to listen to the :eagle: birds and crickets :cricket:

When I grow up I want to be just like @Stroonzo



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