Is there a way to print on image?

I am trying to engrave an image. On this image, I want to take the text that is already on this image and make it darker so that it will show up better.

The engraving of the B52 bomber needs to be darker, but my main concern is making the text darker. On this plane in the photo I have is

Witchita BUILT Bo520


This is what I want to stand out.

Thank you in advanced. I am just starting out with Lightburn but I’m doing this project for a neighbor.

Welcome! There are image adjustment controls in LightBurn that might help. The following, as with the entire documentation, is worth review. :slight_smile:

Image engraving is one of the more complex lasing operations one can produce. Doing so on wood, where the grain can change from very soft to quite hard, making the tuning of power used to produce a consistent output challenging. Moreover, it might be worth searching for a darker version of this image as your starting point.

Additionally, you have the option to add text elements to your project, yet matching the angle, cutouts and how some of the text wraps around the fuselage is difficult using any software.

Thank you for the information. “yet matching the angle, cutouts and how some of the text wraps around the fuselage is difficult using any software” Totally agree with that statement.
For this project I think that I tell my neighbor that I can’t do it. I actually used a jpeg og a B52 bomber and had it cut out. Before it was cut out, I used text to be burned into the body of the plane. When I showed her the plane, she was not happy. So that is why I tried the adjust image.
Take care.


I understand. As mentioned, I might try to find a different, yet similar image that is a bit darker to start. Image work is very rewarding when you get it dialed just right. But I share from personal experience, practice-practice-practice is the only way to get good at it. No magic or secrete sauce, just practice. And lots of it on the same material. Once you are feeling confident with different images on the same material, then add another material and start testing again. This, is the magic to getting consistent results.

I also share image engraving with a CO2 is a bit more challenging as they tend to deposit more power than say a diode laser, and ablate the material more than just char or change the color of the material. You can achieve some great results, but it takes time and practice to get dialed. :slight_smile: