Is there a way to still design in Lightburn stand alone?

Can I design in Lightburn when not connected to a machine controller? so that way I can design in the house and then save the file and then use my other computer in the shop? the license allows me up to 2 machines, so I wanted to design on the one in the house then transfer the files over to the shop…

Yes. You need to set up a device, even if you won’t connect one, so the software knows what options to show you, but it works fine.

I’ve been doing that since I’ve owned the software.

I did setup a device, same as my machine, (Shapeoko XXL) and it wants to connect, so light burn won’t allow me to do anything. it came up with console, so do you have to hook it up to a machine first? my other machine works fine but was hooked up to the machine… This lightburn is on my Mac in the house… just says waiting for connection

It won’t find one, but there should be nothing preventing you from using the software at this point. Have you tried doing something like drawing a shape?

I figured it out, somehow the mac thing was weird and I had to go to window, and reset to default layout, then I am good… have no idea why it was different from the other one, but at least i have it up now… Thanks!

The console window will come up when the machine fails to connect, but you can just click the little tab for the Cuts window under it, here:


Don’t worry if your list doesn’t look quite like mine. I have the Shape Properties and Variable Text stacked in there too. You likely only have Cuts, Move, and Console. Click them to show those windows.

Thank you, Awesome, how do you add those? shape and Variable? and how do you delete a cut or layer? if i want to remove a cut so to speak?

Click the ‘Window’ menu to choose which windows are shown.

You don’t delete a cut in the cut list - you delete all the vectors assigned to that layer, or assign them to a different layer by selecting them and then clicking a color along the bottom.

So if you make a cut, you cannot delete the cut?, say it was a mistake, and you needed to delete it, you cannot do that? How do you delete the vectors? without losing the design?

I have read this several time and am having difficulties understanding your question. Please rephrase.

Please show (with screen captures) what you are wanting to do and how you are trying to do it.

Vectors or images are automatically assigned to a layer color when imported. These layer colors determine which settings are applied to that layer. So, for example, if I draw a red circle, “red” is the layer it’s on, and the red layer has all the settings for it - is it a cut? filled? How much power? These things are part of the layer settings.

Any object in LightBurn will be assigned to a layer automatically, but you can change it by selecting an object and then clicking a color. That puts it on a different layer. If you want to delete a layer, you have to delete all the stuff on that layer, and the layer will go away automatically.

Or you may just uncheck the output box in the cut menu,
then all the lines will be there but it will not cut.

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