Is there an alarm sound that can be played when a file is completed?

Is there an alarm sound that can be played when a file is completed?

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I like this idea :slight_smile:

Bottom left on a fiber galvo… don’t remember seeing it in any of the other devices…


Part of the complication is how different controllers behave:

  • Fiber laser controllers have an output signal that LightBurn can monitor
  • GRBL controllers have a tiny buffer that requires drip-feeding, but also give no indication they’re done with the last command
  • Ruida controllers load the entire file before starting it and give no indication when it’s done

So LightBurn can’t tell you when the job is done unless the controller tells it, but most controllers don’t.

FWIW, the Ruida controller on my laser gives out simple beeps when:

  • Job finishes
  • Water / temperature fault
  • Lid open
  • Positioning errors

It’s a noisy little critter …

I suppose the shown option sends a beep command to the laser, hence it is specific to a kind of controller?
(Just guessing.)
The arguments of @ednisley are valid, but LB can compute a guess at the time to run a job, so maybe it can play a beep on the computer itself, when the time is run?

It won’t work on my way of doing things, as I output Gcode to a card and insert it in my Creality Falcon to do the job (too far from my tower for direct connection, and alas no WiFi module).
But at least, the Falcon emits a beep by itself when it finishes a job.

It does this in preview… displaying a countdown would be rather meaningless…

Even your falcon beeps… it’s the controller …


Yes, the computing is done in the preview (it was implied… :yum:), so it can be done.
Now, you can use your phone (for example) and set a timer at the estimated time, you will have your alarm.
Not automated, but at least, it is even usable with offline projects like mine! :grin:

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