Is there an Autosave feature?

Is there an auto save feature with Lightburn? I have had several ‘crashes’ over the last several days and I just wish that there was an autosave feature.


There is - Files are stored next to whatever file you’re working on (if it had a name to start with) called “file name_backup”.lbrn, or if you’re working on new files they’ll be in your Documents folder, called AutoSave_xxxx.lbrn

The frequency of the saving is every 2 minutes by default, and you can change that in the preferences.

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Also, if you have a crash, please report it with as much detail as you can (what you were doing, what it said, any crash report you’re given). We do try to fix these quickly.

Oh AWESOME!! I just found it! Thanks!

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And I will make sure that I start sending you info on via the crash report. Thanks again!!

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