Is there an easy way to cut off these corners to make a tapered tab? File attached

Link (removed due to inappropriate additional content)

I know I can break apart then delete the top line and draw a shorter one then delete the sides.
I’m looking for a Boolean operation or the like. Seems that after joining them all I could break them apart into smaller pieces but is seems to remember it’s original shape. ???

You realize there is … more than a Lightburn file… stored there?

I deleted your link. This is a kid-friendly Family show.

In the illustration below, I used the ‘Edit Node’ tool to insert a node (hover over a location, press “I” (capital i) at the intersection points of the top line. Then hovered over the small segment on left and hit the “D” key to delete that segment. Notice the cursor is now hovering over the small line segment on the right, ready to delete next.

If you then zoom in to each node location, grab and move slightly and without letting it go, move it back and then let go. The node will ‘snap’ to the one under and connect into a single resulting node. Continuing through the remaining nodes will result in a closed shape.

You can also use the ‘Boolean’ tools to snip off the corners as well. Have a look at this to get an overview of when and how to use each.

Additionally, for this type of post, you can show an image of what you are wanting to do. No LightBurn file was required here, although you can upload a .lbrn file to a post when requested. :slight_smile:

Thank you Rick. Was there something else in my Link that was improper? I thought it was only one file in that webshare folder

Is it a problem to upload a file for clarity to be used if wanted? i.e. does it take up space or sumthin’ ?

I only deleted your link from this post. When I visited your cloud folder there were 2 files. One was a LightBurn file and the other was what looked to be a Xmas themed adult video with nudity in the screen-cap of the video.

I was not the only one to see and mention this:

There is not a problem posting .lbrn files for clarity. We do prefer this is done only if requested as they do consume storage space.

WELL!!! Shame on me! LOL

Didn’t realize there was anything else in there. Hopefully offended eyes were easily and quickly averted : )

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