Is there any way to remove some of the colors from the Cut Palette?

As the title says, I’m looking to simplify my Cut Palette a bit, or at least rearrange the colors. I use 7 colors, so I’d love to put my 7, and maybe 3 overflow colors (for quick changes when I don’t want to mess with my normal settings) on the bottom bar and be done with it.

There isn’t, no. (You’re the first person to ask for less colors, not more)

Oh, well…darn… I really only work with 5 types/thickness of material (mdf, acrylic, ply) so… I have cut color for each of the five, and a vector mark, and an engrave, and I like to have them all on visually separate colors, but as it is now, there’s a red on the left, then in the middle, then near the right is another shade… And pinks are… Bright neon!, then… 2 SUPER similar pinks directly touching each other. Same thing for the greens, but even worse. At the very least the ability to rearrange the jumble to something a little more under control would be superb! =)

less and more contrasting colors for people who are colorblind would be very helpful.
5-10 color selection would be great


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