Is there Scripting or Macro Functionality for External Control such as REST?

I’m looking for a way to integrate my CNC workflow with external devices like Shelly relays, e.g. the Shelly 1PM (Shelly Plus 1PM).

My current CNC controller doesn’t offer many built-in options for controlling external devices like relays to 240v vacuum or air assist. Adding scripting or macro functionalities for external control via REST API would be a fantastic solution for me for several reasons:

Utilize Existing Hardware: I already have my vacuum and air assist connected to a Shelly 1PM, eliminating the need for additional relays and a dedicated 240-volt power supply. This keeps my setup simpler and more cost-effective.
Reduced Complexity: Building in switching control functionalities directly into CNC controllers can introduce complexity, long wire harnesses and potentially increase the cost. Scripting or macro support in UGS would allow for more flexible decentralized control without modifying the core controller hardware.
Minimized Noise: Integrating with external devices like Shelly relays can potentially help minimize Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) noise that might be introduced by built-in switching circuits within the CNC controller.
By enabling external control through scripting or macros, in lightburn could cater to various user scenarios and integrate seamlessly with existing setups like mine.

Is there currently a way to achieve external control through scripting or macros in LighBurn version, e.g by sending a M1 command to turn on the laser, I could also then extend this to send a webhook command to the Shelly API to turn on the air Assist? If not, would it be possible to implement such functionality in a future version?

I appreciate any insights or guidance the community can offer.


I believe you have to wait a little.