Is this hardware supported?

Hello everyone,

I’m very new to lasers and I need your knowledge. I wan’t to buy two lasers of different types. The first is a smaler one for some simpler work and it should be:

KKmoon 20W

and a

KH7050 Co2 Laser

I know want to know if Lightburn works with them and are there other lasers in that 2 price ranges that already work full supported by lightburn?

Thanks in advanced!

LightBurn supports GRBL systems, but some manufactures will use a modified/custom firmware version and may need to be upgraded.

This unit looks like it comes with a TopWisdom controller which we also support.

In all cases, please check for the exact controller/firmware combination directly from the supplier as the pictures included in their marketing materials are not always representitive of what you will reveive.

Thank you Rick for the fast response,
when it support GRBL, is this enough to be compatible to grey laser and make samples with different laser powers?

I am not completely understanding this question, but LightBurn provides the ability to set objects to have different cut and engrave settings for vector and bitmap artwork. Image reproduction via Gray Scale engraving is one of those options supported.

The version of Grbl provided will determine the capabilities of the hardware.

Please be very very careful with the KKMoon laser. Best bet would be to build an enclosure for it and a proper window appropriate for Diode lasers. Barring that, never fire that thing without the appropriate goggles on for you and anyone who is within light of sight of it.

The Diode laser and CO2 laser will have different safety needs. Learn about both and have proper safety gear for both.

I have an Ortur Laser Master (which looks very much like the KKMoon one) and it works very well with LightBurn. It uses a 32 bit controller, and the company has been responsive to user feedback and problem reports. They had an issue with power control and addressed it during the Chinese New Year holiday, and posted a firmware update here on our forum.

The KKMoon and NEJE versions use 8-bit controllers, and at least with the NEJE version, the GRBL firmware had to be flashed over what it shipped with, and they altered GRBL, so not all functionality is supported so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Sounds very good. Does this company have some bigger laser areas too with the 32bit controller?

Already building a enclosure for it, but many thanks for the hint and your concerns.

There’s a new model coming with a larger area, but I’m not sure if it’s available yet.

Do you mean this one?

I hadn’t actually seen it, but that looks right.

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