Is this possible?


I was wondering if it was possible to send a job to to the laser that involved engraving followed by cutting.

Have the laser do the engraving and then pause, sound a beep and then require a push of a button to resume.

This pause would basically stop the job until you hit resume but allow you to adjust the air flow PSI and then hit start or resume to continue the cutting stage.

Not sure if this is a thing or possible, just an idea.

What you can do is in the Cuts window, only output the engrave layer. Then once that is done, turn off the engrave layer, adjust your air etc, and turn on the Cut layer and send it.

You can create a single file with scan on one layer and cut on another, then set only one to output at a time. Run the scan. Upon completion of the first layer, set the first layer to not output while changing your airflow and set the cut layer to now output.

Or you could set this up as 2 separate files as well. Do these options work for your workflow?

With a Ruida controller it is not possible to do a pause / resume in the job sent to the machine. LightBurn doesn’t monitor the job sent to the laser, or interact with it in any way, and the controller itself doesn’t have this as a feature that I’m aware of.

It would be possible to use a Low / High flow switch instead of Off / On, and then you’d just set the air assist appropriately for the layer setting.

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