Is Trocen-AWC not supported anymore?

I just renewed my license and upgraded to the latest LightBurn today. But when I tried to cut suddenly the configuration for my Boss5536 was gone. When I try to recreate it, the Trocen-AWC controller is no longer an option? Has support for the Trocen-AWC gone away?

A screenshot of the New Device Wizard:

That’s very interesting and might be several unrelated things. We definitely still support the trocen DSP device. It looks like you just don’t have any DSP devices. Can you try to deactivate and then re-enter your license key on that computer?

This can take a day so if you literally just did this and I don’t think our system has processed it yet. So not a factor.

May have just been something weird when you installed the new version.

There are three licenses listed under your name, under 3 different email addresses. (One to Michael, one to Mike, and one to Henry). The one assigned to ‘Mike’ is a GCode license, and the other two are DSP licenses. Is this intentional?

The order you placed yesterday was to purchase a GCode license, not renew an existing license. I’m assuming you meant to renew?

What happened is with the old license every time I started the program it just quit saying the demo was over. So I followed the prompts and bought a new license.

What do I need to do to get LightBurn working again? I need two working copies of LightBurn that will work with a Boss laser for two employees.

As someone trying to run a business with dozens of software licenses, it’s impossible to keep up on what every single company’s license policy might be. It would be convenient to just have the license auto renew, or barring that, you might try throwing up a prompt with a button to have people renew.



There was an issue with older versions of the software treating an expired license as an error. That’s been fixed as of 0.9.05, so I’m guessing you’re still running 0.9.04 or older. The newer versions are clearer about license expiry, and include a renew button to take you to the correct page on our site for that.

I’ll renew your previous key and nuke the new GCode one you bought.

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Sounds great, thanks!

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