Is v1.1 ready to use and stable, or we need to wait?


I see now a lot of bug reports and user requests in the forum related to V1.1. Is recommended to upgrade to 1.1, or better to wait until the majority of the bugs are discovered and fixed? Is this a stable, or a beta release?


A couple of minor bugs got through which are now fixed, and a patch release being issued.

All releases are as stable as we can reasonably get them, but we simply don’t have the manpower to test everything with the full variety of supported controllers the way 100,000 users will. It’s inevitable that a couple things will slip through, but they generally don’t affect all users.

The biggest ones I know about are:

  • Line drawing not snapping to the end point when drawing
  • Fill+Line mode not respecting the line mode speed/power on Ruida systems

Two users that I’m aware of have reported high CPU use when idle, but we haven’t been able to reproduce this and are looking for more info

Every release comes with a lot of “bug reports”, but they’re often coincidence - IE, someone has an issue of some kind, and because they just updated, they assume it’s the update.

We’ll have the patch out shortly for the issues mentioned above.

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Running Windows 10, 21H2 release, Boss Laser, Ruida 644XS

I only have one issue so far explained below. Really like some of the new features. Tested the Circle Center tool and it is very accurate as long as you get your laser head on outer circle edge accurately.

The issue I ran into is with the offset tool. On simple images it all works fine, including the new outer shape only option. On a more complex image just opening the offset tool makes the program unresponsive. It will come back if you give it time but the offset will still not work. Can’t honestly say if this is a new release issue or if it did it on the previous release. Can’t remember offsetting this particular shape. I have a work around for the shape I am working with. Just wanted to let support know about this issue.

If you can send us the file, we can try it out. Some files with lots of small interior shapes can be really nasty to try to offset (like a vector trace of something complicated).

It is a pretty nasty graphic to try to offset. Think it may be a little too much. The Duck offsets fine, the Let It Be graphic is the problem. I thought I has updated the bee before but I could be wrong.


If you turn on ‘Outer Shapes Only’ it’s ok, but without that, yes it’s extremely slow.

It can help to set the offset distance to 0 first - the larger the offset, the harder it is to calculate, so it takes longer. If you set the offset to 0, then set the options you want, then adjust the distance, it helps a bit.

As an addendum, any time you have a complex shape like this, if you can manually select just the outer shape, and offset that, it saves the software a whole lot of effort trying to merge all the inner offsets. In this case, the outline of the bee and the text are pretty simple to grab, so that’s the best way to handle this.

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Ungrouping and just selecting the outer line was my work around. That is what I have historically done. On mine it seemed to slow down as soon as I opened the offset tool. Think that is because it was set to inward the last time I had opened it. Thanks for looking into it. Think all is good and is not a new version bug, I am just trying to make it do too much.

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