Issue during LB 0.919 update

OS windows 10 64 bit up to date.
I use my home PC to design my project so no connection to my laser with this PC, before updating my shop PC I’d like to share the problem I faced during the update.
I tried with the anti-virus off, restarted the PC, and finally clicked on “ignore” to finish the installation.
LB 0.919 seems to work fine for projects.
Did you have some explanation for these errors?
Installing LB0919

PB_Installing LB0919

That’s the thumbnail previewer still running.

Just uninstall the previous version of LightBurn, then install the new one, or you can really just ignore that - the thumbnail preview tool hasn’t changed in many versions, so it’s likely harmless to just ignore this.

Thank you, Oz. It’s working fine then I’m going to update the shop PC.

Shop PC is updated now, removed LB 0.918 before, then loaded 0.919, everything is working flawlessly, laser running fine.