Issue in version 1.2 with full cut out, skipping areas leaving unwanted tabs on back

I was doing a full cut out on some simple pieces, 5mm stock plywood on my Thunder laser.
It seemed where the laser started to cut the circle as some points it would do an extra heavy burn like it was not turning on the air assist quick enough. It also followed across the peice in the same location where it seemed it would turn of the air assist and not fully burn certain peices leaving tabs on the back.

I down graded and ran into no issues with the cut.

Pictures show the starting point in the preview, that were it start basically hiccupping across the cut out. , follow the pencil across see where it did a heavy cut and several locations.

I downgraded back to 1.1.04 and my cuts come out clean, and my machine is a Thunderlaser Nova 24. Thunder laser also worked with me to make sure I was connected the machine over ethernet, no tabs or perfs on, min/max the same value, speed 13/97 power. I am also sending the job, by either send or Shift send. I was cutting fine until I upgraded to 1.2.0.

It looks like a Lead-In setting.

If you open Cuts / Layers and double click on the layer where this behaviour is happening you’ll get the Cut Settings Editor window.

If you’re willing, click the ‘Advanced’ tab and grab the image with a screen capture tool.

I’d just like to confirm that Lead-In isn’t active. If the performance is different between the two versions I’d like to capture that. If a setting changed that shouldn’t have changed it would also be good to document it.

Thank you for reporting this.

sorry for the long delay, been busy and hadn’t gotten back to this. So I looked at my file again.
The Lead in are turned off in my version 1.1.04. I haven’t upgraded to 1.2 to see if they accidently turn on. When I upgraded to version 1.2, I didn’t change anything in the file when I started cutting and found the issue. Hopefully the image comes through.
I am going to upload my file so if you wish to take a look.

Lucas Oil Carrier.lbrn2 (312.5 KB)

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