Issue w/ laser output cutting outside cut parameters

I attempted to cut a file today, an inlay to be more precise. I framed, then proceeded to press start. The laser was cutting unrecognizable patterns. Nothing remotely close to the file intended to be cut. As seen in the pictures the file versus the extraterrestrial shapes.
I decided to preview the image afte. I doubt that it holds any merit,but I did attempt a kerf offset prior to initially pressing start and noticing the issue.

Omtech 100watt
I am running LightBurn version: 1.2.04
Ruida Controller:RDC6442G-B (EC)
Comp. Specs. :Dell Intel Pentium Inspiron 3480 running Windows 11 version 22H2

Is it possible you set the kerf offset to an unusually large value? That might account for the amorphous shape.

What did the Preview look like when you checked it?

Do you want to ‘start from’ the absolute coordinates? This is going to move your ‘art’ to the same position as the work space is showing…


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