Issue with 1.1.03 cutting with min power set

im having issues with the latest 1.1.03 version, when I perform a cut and have my min power set to where the tube fires and max set to saY 35% its not cutting through, I have done some testing and raising the min power to 35% the same as my max power andI its cutting fine, its as if the min power overrides the maximum power setting if set lower, my laser has a Rudia 6442 controller and windows 11, I’ve never had this issue with earlier versions. im yet to roll back to a earlier version, is there any settings that may make this happen?

If your speed falls below a certain level, then min. power takes over. But with my machine it is all the way down at 10mm / s.

Im cutting 3mm acrylic at 14mm and 35% max power, 100w co2, I’ve never had a issue before with using min power set to 10%, as my tube doesn’t fire until it reaches 9%

ok, it was also only meant as an idea, many have tried it and could not understand what is happening.

This isn’t new behavior. Go to Edit > Machine Settings and tell me what the ‘Start Speed’ setting is for your controller. At or lower than that speed, the controller will only use Min Power. Higher than that speed it starts ramping to Max Power. This is the way Ruida controllers have always worked - it’s not new to this update.

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