Issue with Alignment Wizard for Camera setup V1.3.01 Galvo

Just added a LB 8mp/85 camera to my Fiber. There was no issue with Lens Calibration. When I move to the Alignment Wizard I’m have a problem when populating the Power/Speed need for my material. It doesn’t matter what values are filled in, it just appears to default to 50/50/20 as seen in the attached picture. I looked at my Setting menu to see if there was a default that was obvious but couldn’t find anything. Has anyone had this issue? Currently I’m using V1.3.01 for my Fiber. I’m also using V1.3.01 for two Co2’s and the cameras are working great but they both were setup with a earlier version of LB. Thanks

Created an account specifically to say I am having the same issues. I just got my webcam and went through the camera calibration, but no matter what settings i fill into the alignment wizard it always appears to use the wrong values when cutting. The images are coming up extremely faint for me, making it impossible to continue and finalize my webcam setup.

It appears that i may have been using the wrong settings. Im not sure why lightburn is showing those spd/pwr under the cuts/layers but after some experimenting i honed in the best settings and it does appear to be working as you would expect. I recommend just trying a few different settings until you get the one that works best for you. Good Luck!

I got it! The speed and power are changing just not moving. Hz appears not to be adjustable but I used cardboard for the Alignment and it worked fine. Thanks

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