Issue with borders slightly moving after it has been saved and I reopen the file

Having an issue with the latest release Lightburn.
When I save the file everything is aligned to how I want it but when I open the file again it slightly shifts the border each time.

Screenshot 2023-09-14 211444

That’s very unusual. Can you upload the .lbrn file for review please?

How do I upload a lightburn file?

Drag and drop the .lbrn file into the form editor. Or use the upload button in the form editor toolbar to select a file.

I can confirm the issue but don’t know what’s going on.

For simplicity I’ve narrowed it down to the simplest case to demonstrate the issue.

This design is made up of two shapes. If either of these shapes are moved and saved, they will migrate on reload nearly a millimeter. It seems to be related somehow to these specific shapes.

@Rick, can you take a look at this and confirm?

Migrating Shapes POC.lbrn2 (17.1 KB)

@berainlb, I have opened your file, moved down one shape (outside one) by hitting a single down arrow key, then saved the file. If I re-open the saved file, it appears as expected. I am not seeing the issue identified using the latest 1.4.02 public beta.

I also duplicated the shapes and placed the dups on a tools layer to see if these was a change to the location when testing, to no avail.

I will try the OP file next.

I am able to reproduce when using the OP’s file.

Submitting report for further investigation. Thank you both for reporting and drawing our attention to this issue. :slight_smile:

I believe it may only be happening on X-axis changes. Try selecting both shapes and then doing a vertical alignment, save, then reopen.

Also using the 1.4.02 public beta.

In any case, glad you were able to reproduce with OP’s file.

Yes, I am seeing this now with the file you provided, and it does seem to be on the X-axis changes.

The problem here is that the original shapes have been scaled down by about a factor of 200,000 in the X direction, and I think we’re only writing out 6 decimals of precision when we save the file.

If you re-build the shape (just a rectangle and an ellipse welded together) the problem won’t be there.

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Only issue is that this image is easy to align but I have another file which I will upload later that is a vine leaves wreath. The border shifts in some areas only and I have to readjust it each time after I reopen the file.

Didn’t use to do that with the older version of lightburn

We can review, so yes, please post when you can.

Sometimes only part of the leaves from the border moves even after I group them together. Then I have to go through and adjust parts of the inside of the leaves when I reopen the file after it has been saved.

We have a fix that has been applied to our latest public beta. I have tested with your initial file and will look at this “leaves” file and report back. :slight_smile:

If willing, you can try it for yourself here: Public Beta - Google Drive

Please let us know how you progress.

Is this what you see when opening this file? :man_shrugging: I am seeing artwork nearly 150 meters ‘off-grid’. Is this intended?

I had to zoom out a lot to find any content. What do you have set as your device profile? What are the Units set for use?

When I zoom in and pan, I find things (examples), but not sure what part is causing issues. Please direct further.

Not understanding @Jane_nguyen31, what are you showing us? :slight_smile:

I do note the difference in ‘Origin’ in your image from mine, but not following. Please explain.

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