Issue with Frame options TL-410c

Hiya. I am having great fun working with LB and my new laser, which (sadly) came with a TopWisdom DSP. However, im plowing on. I don’t have any experience with Ruida, so I am at least happy to give the TL-410c a go.

My issue is that I can position my workpiece, run a framing test or a rubber band, and its all good. I hit start, and it seems to start back at the top left of the work area. Regardless of how I set position and origin on the machine and software, this behaviour seems to be similar.

I know TopWisdom is in beta still (or at least I guess so) but I wondered does anyone know what I should be setting explicitly at both ends (controller & software) to get this to work in a reliable manner?

Thanks in advance!

The current public release of LightBurn has very limited (and very beta) support for TopWisdom. The origin bugs have been fixed, along with a few other things, and some additional support added. I’d post a beta link for you, but there are some issues with languages and localization support that I’m in the middle of cleaning up.

Thanks Oz. Just the answer I was expecting, Its been a bit of a b* landing with a TopWisdom DSP as its nailed my workflow - I just replaced two reliable GRBL diode lasers with this 50w, but im happy to wait. I just hope my customers do too :grimacing:

Thanks again.

Hi guys so far I have enjoyed LB for 6 or 7 mo. I only had a few issues. At the moment it’s seems to be almost the same thing in this post. It was working find then it saying out of range. are you working on it or is this a new issue?

This is fixed for the pending release.

Please keep me posted it’s Mardi gras for me here in New Orleans. My first with my laser thanks again

just wanted to let you know it’s working again. I didn’t want to leave you hanging. what ever work your doing it is greatly appreciated. thank you.