Issue with GCode - using Anet A8. Please help!


So. I have a few issues.

  1. Despite telling the software to run the laser at 100%, it is still pulsing it.

  2. The laser is remaining on during travels.

I really want to purchase this software, but I can’t seem to get it to behave the way I want.

Any thoughts? I have a couple of days left of the free licence.
I have attached the gcode, along with two pictures. My laser isn’t quite focused, but you can see the gaps where the laser is still pulsing despite being set to 100%, and this is with two passes. You can also see the toolpaths, this is with optimised paths selected and deselected.



Laser Test 110521.txt (354.8 KB)

Interesting behaviour with this. The first square is still pulsing, it randomly pulses or doesn’t draw a line on other squares. the only thing I have asked it to do is either one or two passes, and to move the Z by 1mm between passes, with some squares at 50% and some at 100%.

Why it is generating the code in such a funny way I cannot get to the bottom of, And why it switches the laser off totally for some passes is totally beyond me. Anything below 50% and the laser just doesn’t turn on. Mayne thats an issue with my laser?

I think I’m going to find a different software.

Cut Test 2.txt (22.6 KB)

The code is interesting it is actually turning the laser on and off between commands, can you post the save file from LB so i can load it on my machine?

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