Issue with Import DXF Lightburn 0.9.24 versus 1.0.02

I updated to Lightburn 1.0.02 and had to perform a new import of a DXF file (after modifying my design).
I often use the leftovers from a cut to put some other parts and therefore the tool correction is important.

While I had no problem with 0.9.24 importing the DXF file, I noticed (too late, the parts were cut) that 1.0.02 didn’t recognize the external lines as “closed” . So the tool compensation didn’t worked properly. The outer shape was cut “on the line” , the “inner cuts” were not recognized as they should because the external was not closed… etc etc…

I reverted to 0.9.24 and did the import of the new DXF again and the outer shape was properly recognized as “closed” .

I attach here the DXF file. With 1.0.02 , the outer shape is not recognized as “closed” on the top left and bottom right corners, as well as the 2 segments on the left top corner, below the long horizontal line.

I looks like I can’t attach the DXF file…



test.dxf.txt (42.0 KB)

Hello. initial message modified with attachement.
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I’ve reproduced the issue here - working on a fix.

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This is fixed, and will be included in the minor release coming later today.



Many thanks.
Great service !


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