Issue with Lightburn Frame

When is use Frame to position my design the Frame size outline is always larger than the design. Yet when I run the file the design is exactly what size Lightburn shows it should be.

Can you post a sample .lbrn file where this happens?

Or provide a full screenshot of LightBurn after completing this setup:

  1. push CTRL+SHIFT+A on the keyboard
  2. have Cuts/Layers Window visible

Saw the DM with the design. Thank you for that.

I don’t see anything unusual in the design. Can you quantify the difference in frame size vs burn? In what way is it larger? Is it correctly centered or does it favor a corner?

Its hard to measure the frame size. But it is centered and the burn file cuts in the correct place and is the correct size as displayed in Lightburn. Its not a huge issue but i just thought if i was missing something obvious. I use current position when using the rotary and absolute position when cutting a flat job and the frame size is larger on both. If you look a lightburn and select an object it does outline the object a bit larger than the design, and lightburn does display the correct size for the selected object.

The square frame should go to the extreme min and max X and Y coordinates of the design. The rubberband frame will approximate the shape as if a rubberband were wrapped around it.

Is this what you’re seeing or is it beyond that?

I guess i was having a senior moment. I increased the power to 20% so when i frame it engraved a line. And the frame size was exactly what Lightburn says the design size is. So it is framing correctly. Sorry for the misinformation and thanks for your help

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