Issue with Movements

This has happened on two separate GRBL machines, but not on Marlin.
Jogging switch is off. I click the directional buttons under the Move tab to position my laser. After a couple of moves it will suddenly shoot off in the opposite direction until it hits the limit of the machine. I have to hit the stop button. Rehoming is possible, then repositioning again and hoping it doesn’t shoot off on me again.
I originally thought it was the controller on the 3018 but it is also happening on my MPCNC machine, running latest version of GRBL (1.1f I believe, self compiled to accomodate laser and dual endstops). Easily duplicated issue and can probably get it in a video. Please help - rather troublesome when trying to position to burn.

Bump… no one? Nothing? Help!

Are you able to log the GCode that gets sent to the machine? Not having used GRBL myself I’m not 100% sure but I think you should be able to use a serial port logger to log the commands that get sent. Such log could be useful to determine whether the issue would be in your machines’ firmware, LightBurn, or some combination effect (e.g. LightBurn sending a command that your particular machine doesn’t understand).

You mention “two separate GRBL machines”. What type of machine? Two of the same or two different ones? Do they both run the same exact firmware type and version, or are there differences there? All such info could help narrow down the issue.

Thanks - two separate and different machines. One is an MPCNC machine, running GRBL on RAMPS board, and the other is a 3018pro clone with a Woodpecker GRBL board.
I will try and log the the serial data and post it shortly.

Come to think of it, LightBurn has a built in Console window, not sure if that doesn’t just output the issued commands right out of the box?

I posted the text to a web site for review - pasting it here messed up the contents.
Basically I homed the machine, moved the maching out on X and Y (by 11 each step) using the move buttons in LightBurn, Then I do a move IN by 11 and it goes all the way out on that axis. You can see that in the actual command sent by LightBurn just before the bottom. It is WRONG command being sent by LightBurn.

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