Issue with Notes since upgrading to Ver 1.0

Since updating to Ver 1.0 when I pull up existing projects and click show notes, the notes I had saved are not showing up. I tried doing a new file and adding notes for a test, but on closing out and reopening Lightburn, the notes are not there on the new file either.
Ruida machine.

Thank you for reporting this, but I am unable to duplicate this behavior with my configuration here. What else can you share about your setup and what might have changed?

No changes in setup other than the software update. When I noticed the problem, I had the laser off, so I started it, then restarted my computer and all appears good. I hang my head in shame as my first tech support answer has always been"Turn it off, then back on."

I also may have been using Import rather than Open. My apolgies and thanks for a fine piece of software!

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