Issue with primative cutting - gaps at corners

This maybe a noob issue (i tried to find on forum, but couldn’t). I’m setting up a series of primitive Hexagon shapes (I’ve done hex shapes before without issue.) to create a test pattern with various power/speed samples. for these shapes, it will draw a side, but it seems the last mm the laser cuts drops out (similar to a CNC tab) and the head makes some precise movements. then when it goes to the vertices, it starts great and burns the line perfectly until the corner. I’ve tried converting the shapes to paths and run “close gaps.” i’ve zoomed in to max and there is no gap in the corners. This issue is consistent across all speeds and power levels for this pattern. I’ve saved and rebooted lightburn & rebooted the laser.

UPDATE: I created a single hex and it cut perfectly. I then did “create array” and am able to replicate the issue.

(Ruida 644xg - 80w chinese - lightburn 0.9.11)

What are your cut settings for this array? Please post the settings and show us the resulting output.

You are most likely setting Min Power too low. This is the power setting used for corners, and if it’s not high enough to keep the beam ionizing, it’ll cut out when you get to sharp corners.

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BINGO! Thanks! I had the minimum down to 2% to make the math for the shape property “Power Scale” easy. I bumped it up to 10 and that resolved the issue. #UserError

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