Issues after updating to 0.9.09

I’m fairly new to lightburn but have had no issues up to now.

I just updated to 0.9.09 and although lightburn is communicating with my machine I have the two following issues.

  • The jog buttons in the move tab don’t move the X and Y axis (framing and laser fire buttons do work).
  • Print jobs are very slow with same settings used in the previous version 0.9.07 (600mm/min but prints more like 100 or 200).

Machine is a Bachin D8 4050p with GRBL 1.1z

Any help would be very much appreciated

There is no z version of GRBL, so that is likely machine specific. For the jogging issue, turn off the ‘Continuous Jog’ button - let me know if that resolves it for you.

This went in without testing on all the strange edge versions of GRBL, so we might have to make it disabled by default, and drop back to the older way of jogging unless enabled on a switch.

Thanks for the reply.

I tried with “continuous jog” both on and off and it made no difference, still no jog control. I’ve reverted back to 0.9.07 for now and I have jog control back.

I figured out the slow print problem. $32 had reset to 0 with the update. After I changed it back to 1 print speed was fine.

I will try 0.9.08 and see if I get any differing results.

Thanks again and if you want any more info from me let know

The coder who implemented the new jog feature is going to make some changes to make it optional with a toggle. We’ll have a new patch out tonight or tomorrow to fix this.

That’s great. Thanks again for the reply

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