Issues attempting to calibrate camera

So just got an 8 mp light burn camera in the the mail today. Trying to calibrate it has been frustrating.

I am using a windows 7 computer. It’s what I have available for the laser at the moment until I can move my design/3d modeling computer into the same room.

At first I could not get the camera to show an image. I found some files o this forum that needed to be installed to work with windows. That got me an image.

Now I can get a live view no problem. When I go to calibrate the image I can get a sub 2.0 score then the next without moving it I get no image found. Then randomly I click capture and I get an pop up shown below. And have to close and restart light burn.

Is this a windows 7 issue, a runtime issue , or something different.

Light burn updated today
No extension cable, using the cable that came with the camera.
I have a single board covering the entire honey comb.

This is the first calibration step so per the picture I have the target on a piece of cardboard setting on the wood on the bed. It is just taped to the cardboard I am flying one to some plywood now to try that.

I have also focused the camera the best I can.

Broke down and up dated it to windows 10. No more problems.

That’s strange - I know Win7 needs a driver, but otherwise we haven’t seen any unique camera issues with it. I’m glad it’s resolved at least.

Well if something weird is going to happen it’s going to be to me.

You appear to have at least the first qualification to be a software developer. :slight_smile:

Worse… I’m a mechanic by trade.

This laser has been a long 6 week adventure. First laser. Experience with a cnc router running nested jobs producing product for my start up company. Decided a laser was the next affordable option compared to the $60k router I want but can’t fit into my current shop(garage).

Get the laser get it setup for a couple weeks and the laser tube must have had a flaw in it. Firing voltage went through the cooling system. Also found out that 28k volts ac hurts a lot more than dc which I’m used to at work.

Go back and forth with omtech get a replacement tube sent after a week. Get the tube in get most of the stuff through the alignment and keep having issues, start over again the next morning and realize there are two beams leaving the laser tube. Go back to OMTech. A week later I get another tube. Get that one in. Go through all the alignment crap again end up having to shim up under the rear mount 1/16” and move the mount all the way towards the out of the case to get the beam centered in the third mirror.

By this time I’ve managed to get the lens pretty dirty from burning through blue tape. Pulled it out and drop it and break it. ( I’ve got no feeling in my left hand, makes life interesting). Then I have to wait for another lens from amazon. First one gets lost in the mail. Second one shows up and get it installed,

Then I had issues with the controller not being setup to match the stepper settings. Causing alignment to be off after large jobs but not small ones. That took some time to figure out.

So Then I went down the camera rabbit hole searching to deal with all that. Searching for drivers fighting it for hours. Then downing a couple hours upgrading windows.

Now that it’s working I have a resolution issue with I think is a graphics card I’ll get into that if its still there when I switch computers in a couple weeks.

And I still can’t figure out how to get the cutting head to move to the back of the machine instead of right in the way when it’s done cutting. I know I can use the arrows to move it. I just think that with all the complicated settings and it being 2021 and all this should be adjustable.

Sorry for the long rant. This is ontop of 10 hour shifts running diag and repairs as a dealer level car master tech on other peoples cars, which is frustrating even though I actually know what I’m doing here Atleast.

Go to Edit > Machine Settings, and look for a setting called “Return Position”. Set that to ‘Machine Zero’ and it will move to that point when the job is done, instead of going back to where you set the origin point.

The rest will come - it’s a learning curve, for sure, but you’ll get there.

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Thank you very much. As someone who does batch cutting and the same jobs over and over. This is a stress relief.

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