Issues since latest update

I updated Lightburn to the latest version (Windows 10 PC) a few days ago. Today Lightburn started telling me I had a new update, so I tried to update it. It failed many times due to COM Surrogate issues so I clicked on the ignore button, and it installed.
The 1st file I loaded into the program (A4 sized) launched directly in the centre of the screen (60 x 40 layout) but the X & Y coordinates were 448.294 & 95.000. When I change the X & Y coordinates to 300 x 200 the file drops to the bottom right corner of the screen.
I’ve checked and all the settings seem to be as they were. Any ideas?

Image loads in centre of page, but coordinates are 448.294 x 95

Text in centre has coordinates of 407.000 x 146.928

Move to 300 x 200 coordinates, which should be centre of 60x40 bed

Text now 258.707 x 251.928

We have a 2nd PC downstairs with Lightburn running on it, that is not connected to the laser. I have doubled checked all the settings are they are the same, however the PC downstairs is loading this file dead centre (like image 1) but showing 300 x 200 coordinates

It also wiped out my camera settings, so I had to recalibrate that again. I have sorted the off centre issue though so no need for a reply…

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