Issues with 1.0

I have 2 issues with 1.0 so far -

  1. If my PC has just finished booting and I start LB immediately and then open a file, it complains that it can’t load the fonts. I have tried shutting down and immediately restarting but get the same error. The last time it happened, I shutdown LB waited for about a minute and then restarted it and it was ok.

  2. This morning, when I loaded up LB it came up with the New Device Wizard! I shut it down thinking that it may be the same sort of problem as the font issue but when I restarted about 2 minutes later got the same thing. I selected my device, but the Recent Projects is empty and all of my Preferences have been reset to default.


1.0.01 patch just released a little bit ago. Let us know if you are still having issues.

Can you give more details about your PC/OS etc?

If you run LightBurn, then go to File > Open prefs folder, you’ll see a ‘Backup’ folder in there. If you quit LightBurn, then copy a recent prefs.ini file out of the backup folder and into the main prefs folder, that should restore anything that got corrupted.

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