Issues with Boolean tools

I’m having a puzzling issue with the weld command in Boolean tools
I have the attached file that I’m trying to work with and get the left smaller box to weld with the larger box to create a finger joint as I did on the right side of the same box. That one welded without issues. When following the same process for the left side,

  • the weld command causes the smaller box to disappear without a weld
  • the union tool results in the same
  • the Boolean subtract tool does nothing
  • the Boolean intersection tool leaves only the small box.

I’ve not yet tried the Ctrl + B to open the Boolean Assistant because I believe it will do the same thing but I’ll try that now…

After trying the Boolean Assistant option I found the Subtract A-B to work so my issue is resolve but I’m very puzzled why the tool bar options along the left side of Lightburn didn’t work.

I even tried selecting the large box first and then the small box - but the results were the same despite the selection order. With the Boolean Assistant option, it gives subtract A-B or B-A as an option that I thought I was doing by selecting one box or the other first and then using the tool bar options.
I seem to nor really understand all the implications of the Boolean tools and Boolean Assistant (Ctrl+B) options. I just keep trying until I eventually get the desired results.

Any help in better understanding the why’s of this process would be helpful.
File attached.
Basket Riser - Issues with Boolean.lbrn2 (11.5 KB)

This is odd. Selection order is indeed relevant. The second selection is removed from the first.

I tested this on your file and it seemed to work:

  1. select large box
  2. add small box to selection
  3. Tools->Boolean difference

Another tip:
If for some reason you do the boolean difference and find that it’s the opposite of what you want then undo and repeat the boolean difference without reselecting anything. LightBurn will automatically reverse the order of the difference.


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