Issues with different machine origins

I have two laser cutters that have their mechanical origins at different positions.

That means that , whenever I open a file, I need to flip it if it was made for the other laser. Or if it was made while the other laser was selected as a device.

That doesn’t make sense (though I understand where it comes from) and is prone to errors. I will forget to do it one day and end up with a part that is cut mirrored.

Also, I’ve noticed weird flips occuring when using text. Even when a shape is stored in the art library, I have shapes of which only the text is flipped in the library. Hard to reproduce, but it has something to do with switching between lasers and adding to the library.

A simple solution would be to include a “file origin” user setting. Same 4 options as the machine settings (top left, bottom left, etc). If the position of the user-set origin is different from the actual laser origin, a simple conversion (filp) would have to take place when importing the files or saving the files.

Please have a look at this. Of course, I could try to change the homing position of the laser, but that would mean moving limit switches, cabling, etc etc and void the warranty of the machine.

A more simple option would be to make sure both machines have the same origin setup.

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