Issues with filling text

So I work in a manufacturing environment and we bought this engraver to make these diagram plaques showing water lines and there is text labeling of each line. We make these “plaque sheets” in our design software and export it out into a pdf file. I was having an issue importing the text in the pdf and got around that with inkscape, now I have the text and when I try to start it up with the fill setting it gives me the open lines error. What can I do to fix this?

You can create the text in LightBurn to avoid this in the future, but for now,

Try this:

  • Select Text shapes
  • Arrange > Break Apart (Alt+B)
  • Edit > Auto-Join selected shapes (Alt+J)

It’s possible to create shapes that are hard for the join code to deal with because of the way they’re stored internally. We try really hard not to let this happen, but haven’t caught every possible cause of this.

Can you post this file, so we can take a look? (or email it to support at lightburnsoftware dot com with a link to this thread)

I am going to send the file. Creating text in Lightburn is a whole new thing and I am not up for doing that. We already allocate heavy hours into making these sheets and it seems counter intuitive to go back and recreate all that labeling again.

LightBurn does not currently import text from AI or PDF files because they don’t just include “text” - they embed the entire font file, altered to contain only the characters (glyphs) used. It’s not a simple matter of just reading the text you typed - we would have to manage the entire font chain, including parsing the TTF / OTF file, extracting the glyphs and kerning information, then constructing your strings using all of that.

It’s going to happen at some point, but we’re simply not there yet.

Cool. I will find a different software then.

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