Issues with fonts?

I was opening a project today (it’s a design I imported from Illustrator, plus a small text section that I created in Lightburn). I’ve used this project several times before, but today I got a popup when opening it that said “Project File Warning: Could not find font “HelveticaNeueLTSTtd” installed on your system.”–this is the font I’ve been using for that small text section)

So I exited Lightburn and reinstalled my whole Adobe Folio Helvetica font library (about 50 .otf files). Open the project back up, and had no problems. Closed it, and opened it again, and got the same weird dialogue box. And the font wasn’t listed in my font list either.

Anyone know what’s going on here? Are other people having fonts disappear? I don’t actually think they were gone; it’s just that lighburn thought they were gone, I think.

Anyway; anyone else having a problem of lighburn not being able to see some fonts installed on your system?

Yes, I have seen this with a font I installed recently. I created the job using the new font (Oldroadsign) on my offline PC (win 10 64 bit) then loaded the lbn file on to the laser pc Win 8 32bit) both same version of LB. The job looked correct and ran correctly, but every time I load that job I get the error that the font doesn’t exist. It is in the windows font folder and is in the LB font drop down. I sort of ignore it now as the job runs ok.

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