Issues with image sizing in loading & cut


So I am having a few issues I cannot quite understand.

I’ve taken the exact same image, separated out a single image from the set in AI, and then resaved from there as both a) an SVG file b) an AI file with only one image.

  1. Lightburn loads the SVG image at the wrong size (something like ~2.5"), but loads the AI file at the right dimension (3" wide being the correct dimension).

  1. Even then, when I go to cut, though the image appears scaled properly (no distortion), the cut I am getting is undersized.

I come from the digital print world so I am really not sure what is going on here.

Image files are here: Elkin - Google Drive

It depends on your settings. An SVG file also features a scale, and you need to select the correct (same) scale for saving and importing. Additionally, if you use it as pixel image, there is a major difference if you use the internal image algorithms of LB or pass-through mode.
In main LB settings you can find the SVG DPI setting for importing SVG. The image settings are contained in the detailed layer settings.

@misken Well as mentioned the AI file at least seems to load at the right size, but it is still cutting smaller (as seen in picture). Laser (OMTech) is brand new.

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