Issues with ruida and light burn positioning

Hi just got my K50 Chinese 500 x 300 mm ruida 644 machine have set screen origin to correct orientation. but when i position my objects it shows opposite on the machine so the top left = bottom left am I doing something wrong or do i need to change something?

Does it cut in the correct orientation and just display incorrectly? There’s a screen origin setting for the display that can be changed in the controller menu (press Z/U to enter the menu)

Thanks for coming back to me Oz

Set origin to bottom left

Changed on ruida controller screen Origin to Same now show file correct on display

When I run the program back to front on wood

On screen who’s correct but screen is reversed as bottom is top

If the cut is mirrored bottom to top, then move the device origin from front to back or vice versa. You’ll have to flip the screen again too.

So change Origin to back left and the. Flip the image? and flip the screen Origin on the controller.

So will have to flip all designs I have done when I open them?

all designs i did with front left show as upside down and mirrored when i open them

Ignore my mublings was half a sleep this morning when i read your response will give your suggestions a go and come back to you if i am stills stuck.

If you created the designs with a different origin, they’ll open mirrored along one or both directions, yes.

Thanks Oz all working great now