Issues with skewed engraving

Hello, since starting out with my new laser engraver I’ve been getting a random skewed engravings the only thing that seems to be helping resolve it so far is resending the engraving file to the machine. If I retry The same file I usually end up with almost the same skewing and miss engraving What could be causing this, thanks in advance

Can you tell me:

  • The exact model number of the controller (it’ll be on a silver sticker on the controller body)
  • The version of LightBurn you’re using
  • What processor and speed your computer is?
  • Which version of Windows you’re using?

We have a few users getting this intermittently, and I’m trying to figure out why, but haven’t been able to find anything common yet. I also have not been able to reproduce this on any of our hardware.

Thanks for the quick reply!

1)The exact model number of the controller- Ruida 644XG
2)The version of LightBurn you’re using- LightBurn 0.9.24
3)What processor and speed your computer is- Intel Core i7-2600 @ 3.40GHz
4)Which version of Windows you’re using- Windows 10

6442? 6445? It will be written on a silver sticker on the side or back of the controller, inside the case of the machine. I’m just trying to gather as much info as I can about which systems this is happening on.

I’m still not able to find the exact model other then the one that lightburn gives me, the silver tab on the back doesn’t mention any controller…

But I should mention, previously I was using a USB cable to connect to the engraver, I have since swapped that with Ethernet connection, and I haven’t had that problem since, fingers crossed.

If you carefully open the laser cabinet, you should find something that looks like this:

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