Issues with version 1.1.03 when Framing

I have just updated from version 0.9.24 to 1.1.03 and framing a job seams to still “misbehave”. (assuming I am going to frame a rectangel with absolute coordinates for this example)
In version 0.9.24 the laser head has moved from 0;0 to the start point of the rectangle and then stopped. Pressing Frame again have had finish the framing as expected. It was not ideal, but we´ve got used to it. A slightly differnt behavour in version 1.1.03: The laser head is moving from 0;0 to the start point of the rectangle, then stopps so I have to press Frame again. Doing so will start the framing again, but it is stopping on the next corner. Pressing frame again will then do a continious framing on all 4 sides as expected.
We are connected to the laser maschine via USB with two different maschines (Win or Mac) and we can replicate the same effect. Surpricingly rubber band framing has always worked great and as expected. Could you guys please assist me on that, what are we doing wrong? We have never encountered this issue prior to version 0.9.24.
Thank you very much for your support!

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