Issues with Working Size

Hey there, new here so I’m sorry if I’m missing something out of stupidity!

I’ve set up LightBurn for my Shapeoko Standard 3, I’ve reversed the direction too, the issue I am having is that if I home my CNC then click “Show Last Position” it lines up with the top right of the work space grid, but if I go down to my bottom left corner where I have set my origin, the origin is above the bottom left

I can’t resize my “Working Size” as it adds or subtracts from the left of the grid or the top of the grid, I can’t figure out how to have my origin be the very bottom left of the work space


Reduce the height of the workspace - the position of your laser is relative to the home location, so you’ll end up “pulling up” the bottom of the page by doing that. You’ll have a macro set to move the origin offset by a specific amount, and that should match what your workspace size is.

Thanks for the speedy response, is workspace separate than working size?

Because if I try and reduce the “Working Size” it takes it off of the top and not the bottom

It’s going to take it off the top, you’re correct, but your machine homes to a fixed point, and the distance from there to the origin is a set amount. You might have to shift your designs down a little, but it’ll fix the physical misalignment between the two spaces.

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