Issues with Y axis Camera alignment

This may have been asked before but I could not find any real help on this subject.

My husband and I just purchased a Cohesion3d LaserBoard and LIghtburn camera to upgrade from the stock board in our K40 laser. We have the board replaced, camera mounted and focused. when we go to align the camera. All of our settings are the same as in the videos and walk through. origin is at 0,0 in the front left corner. home is at 0,200 in the top left corner.

When we start the alignment cut it shifts over does the first corner design, then over to 300,200 to do the design there. finishes that then tries to go to 300,200+ but the gantry cannot move any farther on the Y axis. there is a bad gear grinding noise and then it moves to the next position of the bottom left corner. When the cut is finished it homes but the full design also isnt done properly.

Any help would be helpful as w don’t want to damage the laser.

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