It forgot the origin

I’ve had great delight using Lightburn with my Boss Laser.

Recently, on some jobs, instead of starting at the origin as I set it on the laser, it jumps 5 inches over and starts there.

If I make a new doc and copy the paths from the old doc, it’s fine.

I’m sure it’s something I did to break it, but I’m not sure what.

Here’s what the control panel looks like. I have the image in the top left hand corner of the workspace, as I always do.

Thanks for being so generous and helping newbies like me.

Hello @sethgodin

Are you using “Send” or “Start” to start off your job on the laser? I can see you are using current position, so if you are using “Start” it should start from where your laser cutters head currently rests.

Your lasers head might have lost position, it is worth pressing reset on the machine itself to ensure your cutter knows where its head is.

I can also see that you are setup on a Bridge system, called Akimbo 2 (always enjoyed that podcast). It could be worth restarting your bridge, to ensure its not an issue there.

All a bit vague, but hopefully we can work it out!

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