It will not work

I have had this software for over a mouth now when I had the free trail it worked fine . Now that I payed $40.00 for it , it will not work , I have been trying to find someone to help . I got an email that I would be put in touch with to help with in 24 hours well the first time was the day after I payed for it the next time was about 2 weeks ago , than about a week ago . H E L P . I payed for a laser so I can make things for my family’s . So for I see that I have wasted my money . Can you help me or send me my money back please you can get a hold of me by phone . email me an I will give my phone number after 6:00cdt . Rod Hashman

Rod, I replied to your email multiple times - check to see if the replies are going to your spam folder or something.

Response: (notice you got a reply 9 days ago, and another 6 days ago)

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