I've just change my Pc but cant activate lightburn

I’ve just changed my pc as my other one isn’t working but I mcan’t activate the software on my new pc ,I currently only have it activated on 1 other laptop for my Ortur laser but now have a dedicated pc for my new Omtech which all worked fine until my PC change and now it says I’ve got it installed on too many computers even though I only have 2.
Hopefully I can get a quick reply to this as I need to finish setting my Omtech up and now I can’t use it…thanks

You will need to disable LightBurn on the computer you are replacing to make it usable for the new computer. (help menu and license manager)

Thanks for the reply I’ve managed to get the old pc on long enough for me to do it so its allm good now

There is the license portal to do this also.


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