JER Rotary, Thunderlaser 51, Lightburn

Rotary hooked up to factory connections and y axis is turning… Lightburn will not read rotary… Any ideas?

I’m not sure what you mean by this, though if your Thunder laser is older, and uses the Y axis instead of the U axis, that’s custom firmware, and it’s not currently supported by LightBurn. It’s on the list of things to try to address after the next release.

Hello, Oz…and good Peeps…
I worked on this last night and had a road trip today for work tomorrow. In the uncertainly of everything, I powered down my computer and turned it on after church this morning. The annoying bug that was preventing the rotary from working was gone. I should’ve taken the time to let you know then. My sincere apologies.

No problem - happy it sorted itself out. :slight_smile:

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