Jig and Absolute Coordinates

I have had my laser running for less than a week. I have made two jigs, both using this video- Making a Jig for Laser Engraving Tags - YouTube

I have successfully made the jig, but when I go to use it again, when I tell the machine to go to the top left OR the bottom right of either jig using the ‘move’ tab, the machine instead navigates to the very bottom right of the machine.

If I type in the coordinates manually and ask it to go to that position, it does the same. It is set to move to absolute coordinates. The origin is set in the top left corner.

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

That’s ok for an led laser, but Riches’ video on Creating A Laser Bed Template for Production Runs. Give it a watch and see if it helps.

The process should be fine on your laser also. The laser he uses is different but the idea is the same. It will be a much easier alignment with a CO2 laser using Riches method. IMHO…

A screenshot is always nice. In the Laser window, how do you have the ‘user origin’ and ‘job origin’ set?

I’ve had my 50 watt (lol) china blue for a few months, so my boat isn’t much further downstream… :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:

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