Job openings question

Dear Carl Fisher

How would you say i can prove I’m a real person?

I have sore teeth, sore back & head.

Do bots feel pain?

Thanks for your idea, mind you.
As AI takes over the world, messing with everyone.



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The people that write and support Lightburn have feelings just like yourself. Your sandpaper approach is very abrasive.

You actually make several good points, but you appear to be cutting and pasting from a Chatgpt type of AI.

I agree with much of what you are saying, but you have to alter your approach if you want to be taken seriously. Don’t take it as criticism - it is me objectively viewing your words.

Ps. Not a LB fanboy. I use LB mainly to import DXF and export SVG.


Now i have been CENSORED, so much for open forum.

I don’t agree with censoring your comments unless they are vulgar or a personal attack. I thoroughly read that post, and didn’t see anything that would warrant removal. Again, your sandpaper approach is very abrasive, so it could be just that.

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Sometimes you need to use sand paper to flatten out the anomalies.

So many sensitive soles now a days.

People would not talk to my face like this, i would put money on it.

Seems you have an odd way of interviewing for a job.
Just send in a resume for a developer position.
Just use another name because this approach is not going to put you at top of the list.

Excuse the interuption, but it seems like you are the only one complaining about the direction that Lightburn seems to be taking.

Also, you seem to be very hostile. Maybe you should see someone about that.

I do believe this topic should be put aside as it is now pointless pursuing any further. I feel Lightburn is in good hands and will only benefit from the intended direction the development team takes it. Lets just enjoy the product and leave the business matters to those who have made this the best there is.
My 2 pence worth from an old English Man


I believe the OP has left the room anyway.

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Yeah, one of his long-winded “you people know nothing” posts was suspected of just being AI generated, so it was removed. Amusingly, it was probably the least offensive thing he wrote, but he still considered it censorship.

I can handle criticism, but good lord - He bought a diode, then immediately starts trying to tell us how to run our company, and irritating the heck out of a bunch of our users to boot, so he was likely to be shown the door soonish anyway.


I thought I did well not responding him, I kept thinking I don’t want to read a 10 page essay that says “you are wrong, my way is the only way”. I can imagine him in court arguing that he gets booked for something to do with an 18 wheeler, and saying to the judge those laws don’t apply I was only driving a 17 wheeler because one was flat.

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Well I’d like to take this opportunity to say, THANK YOU :+1: for all you and the company do to make, and maintain this awesome software I appreciate it very much.


I was the moderator who approved the flag raised by a community member that this was an AI/Bot generated post and it was removed. I realised later when reading the user’s other posts in a fuller context … perhaps a slightly harsh response on my part, so since the post itself is benign enough it has been undeleted (here).

But honestly, anyone who posts large swathes of information which looks like a copy and paste from an AI chat bot should not be surprised if it is flagged as such.

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You have to do what you feel is right, but I don’t believe in censorship unless it is vulgar or a personal attack. I figured it was copy/paste Chatgpt or AI.

In a couple of years, you will have a bot that will flag another bot for answering a question using AI :slight_smile:


I have not read many posts for nearly the entire year, been too busy drawing and cutting with Lightburn. I must say I was quite amused. LB - stand your ground and please keep doing what y’all are doing, which is making my life easier. Looking forward to your new product for cnc routers while I continue to use Lightburn for my laser (and dxf file creations for my cnc router). I did read where it would be a separate program/app and will definitely want in on that action.

Keep on keeping on


Reminds me of that spiderman meme! :smiley:


Dating my self here, but loads of fun in emacs with “psychoanalyze pinhead”.
The Eliza psychotherapist listening to Zippy the Pinhead.

I will be happy to purchase his copy. I have Vcarve and it is an expensive POS it errors out more than it works. My CNC sits in a corner because I don’t have time to mess with Vcarve any more.

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I use an older version of carbide create for gcode and openbulds for control.
I would still like to see the router software as a plugin and just tab over to router or laser.
But that’s just my .02 cents.

Two diffetent programs. Learn what they do then write back…lol