Job Origin Changes with Mirrored Rotary Enabled

I have observed than when creating a rotary project, I have to mirror the output for my particular roller. The engraving works fine, however I have found that the Job Origin moves when objects are dragged around the work area (even with everything selected). This does not occur under normal, non-rotary, projects, or with the “Mirror output to rotary” option de-selected in the Rotary Setup dialog. For example, I have to manually align my project such that the user origin aligns properly with the objects. If I slide my project down, the user origin moves UP, sometimes completely off of the project. If I move my project up, the user origin moves DOWN, again sometimes completely off of the project.

Can anyone confirm if they observe similar behavior, or advise if this is expected? It seems quite odd to me.

I have seen this on another thread.

Is your User Origin set to the center of the workspace in the Laser Window?

I’m certain this was logged. I’ll check to see what’s happened with it.

I doubt I ever set the User Origin since I pretty much always start from current position.

Thanks, John. Yes, that would appear to be the same issue that I’m observing. I’ve since learned to adapt to it, so it’s not a huge priority (and I don’t do a lot of rotary engravings in the first place). And no, the user origin I use is the right center. That’s how I align my rotary engravings on mugs, etc. Place the art within a T1 tool, and frame off of T1. Place the mug centered (with respect to left right positioning), and the laser head at the top of the mug.

Just to clarify, this is the WORK origin that is changing, not USER origin. When you are starting from current position, it still has to have a starting point within the job itself. That’s the green square which is moving.

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