Job origin framing problems

I’m currently having trouble with where I’m framing and where it actually Burns and also wear corresponds on my computer screen it frames in one spot. Burns in another and shows on a different spot on my screen someone suggested that since this is in beta form for top wisdom controller I should ask you for help.

This is a known issue with TopWisdom support at the moment - it is very early and incomplete at this time, and the origin settings are next on the list to fix. It was put into the public release to allow wider testing, but TopWisdom is not listed as an officially supported controller yet.

I’ve been using this system for close to two months now in your professional opinion would it be wise for me to switch to a supported controller such as the Rudia and if so can you suggest the make and model for the red and black 80 watt Chinese laser or should I just wait for the software to catch up being so it is Christmas time thank you for responding hoping to hear from you soon

I can’t tell you what the right choice is going to be for you - swapping out a controller isn’t horribly hard, but if you’re new to lasers in general or you aren’t great with electronics it’s not a simple thing to do.

I’m going to get some time in with the TopWisdom controllers pretty soon, and the origin issues are the next thing I want to sort out.

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