Jobs are stopping part way through

I have been reading through many forms and can’t find anything. My Ortur Laser Master Pro 2 is stopping part way into a job with no errors. The time on lightburn will keep counting as if the laser is still going but it is just stopped.

Any help would be much apricated.


These types of issues are almost always related to a controller interruption of some kind… number one culprit is an issue with power or USB… either undervoltage from a bad power supply, something happening on the AC circuit, or something on the USB line. Static discharge can be a culprit.

Try isolating the laser from power issues as much as possible, try different cables, different USB port. If you have a meter test the power supply for proper voltage.

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Awesome thanks I’ll try to swap some stuff and see how it goes.

I feel your pain. The same thing started happening to me after I updated to OLF 1.75. So far, I’ve had to throw away four tumblers (out of about sixteen I’ve done since the update), sometimes I would get to 98% and it would stop. It did it three more times (at 98% and the same spot) and then it would be ok for three or four more. Yesterday I had one stop at 11% (after doing three successfully), but the next one was fine. My OLM2 Pro S1 and the mini-PC that runs Lightburn are on an UPS and I have a good quality USB cable. I’m sure stumped. If you don’t mind my asking what version of firmware are you running?

I’d like to move this back to your thread with the tumblers if that’s ok with you.
I had one Forum member discover that the slightly different work table that they switched to flexed enough to make the motion/shock sensor more sensitive. The work quit in the same place most times because of the geometry of the motion.

Thanks, the laser is in a heavy enclosure and the legs are bolted to that enclosure. I had opened a trouble ticket with Ortur and Gil suggested swapping out the power supply. I bought a 24 volt 6 amp power supply from Amazon and ran the same file about four times back to back, the first three at 1% pwr and the last one at 80%. All four runs were successful, so my plan is to keep an eye on it. It’s random so I never know when it might happen. The new P/S might have done the trick, we’ll see.

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That’s really good to know. Thank you for coming back with this and sharing. I’d love to know if this stays resolved after your next few jobs are complete.

You’re welcome. That’s the thing though, I won’t really know until I do another 20 or 30 without any stoppages. Right now, my stomach hurts every time I start something, up until the job finishes and I don’t have any ruined tumblers or cutting boards. That’s what Tums are for, right? :rofl:

I had a similar issue with my laser. I ran some additional grounding and grounded it my house ground via an outlet, I also purchased a new USB A to USB B cable with 2 RFI/EMI Suppressors on it. I have not had any issues with it since.

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