Jobs interrupted due to USB connection failure

I recently was completed a burn job, but about 90% of the way through the project, the laser stopped and I saw an error message that prompted me to the lightburn site, explaining that a disconnection with my USB is likely what occurred.

I’m wondering if this has happened to anyone else mid-job, and if it’s possible to start the job where it left off once connection is re-established. I realize this may be unlikely, but it’s worth a shot!

If you are using windows it could be your USB is going to sleep. You need to goto battery settings and then advanced and disallow USB sleeping.
I had this issue every three hours into a burn.

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thanks for the reply! I’m using a Mac and it’s plugged in charging. not sure what else it could be…

have you ever been able to resume the burn once your connection was restored? really hoping I don’t have to scrap the whole thing

There are a number of issues with Macs and USB.

Dump the USB and switch to Ethernet…

There is a way to resume, but can’t think of where it it. May search the Lightburn for it…


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I tried searching but couldn’t find anything specifically related to that. Thanks for your help!

Awesome – thanks so much for trying it and letting me know! Much appreciated :blush:

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